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Knowledge of rubber Aging
First, what is rubber aging? What is the surface of this performance? Rubber and its products in the process of…
Characteristics of Butadiene Rubber
Butadiene Rubber SBR is the earliest industrialized synthetic rubber. In 1933, the emulsion polymerization Butadiene rub
Precautions for daily use of Hydraulic Hose
Precautions for daily use of Hydraulic Hose In order to ensure the safety of Hydraulic Hose itself and connected equipme
Name of various rubber performance usage introduction
Name of various rubber performance usage introduction 1, Natural Rubber (NR) Comprehensive performance is more comprehen
Characteristics of EPDM Rubber
Characteristics of EPDM Rubber (1) Low density and high filling Ethylene Propylene rubber is a rubber with a lower densi
The cold resistance of rubber
The cold resistance of rubber refers to the ability to maintain rubber elasticity and normal operation at a specified lo
Bubble cause in vulcanization of rubber products
1, the temperature is too low will produce bubbles 2, the temperature is too high will produce bubbles 3, no…
When assessing the risks and precautions needed, consideration should be given to: the closing speed; the number of moul
Mechanical hazards-1_Rubber Processing
These vary considerably with the press type and the operating procedure used. At most presses there are trapping hazards
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