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Precautions for daily use of Hydraulic Hose

By 15 April 2019
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Precautions for daily use of Hydraulic Hose
In order to ensure the safety of Hydraulic Hose itself and connected equipment, in the daily operation process, it is necessary to ensure the safety of its operations, then what are the specific matters to be noted?
1, high-pressure steel wire knitting high-pressure rubber tube high-pressure hose bending radius is too hour generally choose right angle joint to avoid high-pressure hose appearance sharp bend misrepresentation.
3, in the usual operation, the trigger of the stem can not be too fierce, must be steep, otherwise it will constitute a high-pressure rubber pipe burst.
4. In order to avoid the damage of high pressure steel wire winding hose and the limitation of flow rate, the bending radius of high pressure rubber pipe should be increased.
5, when in the operation, the hydraulic system appears too high temperature rise, about timely inspection of high-pressure tubing, and in continuous operation, should use the necessary cooling methods.
6, the most important is the choice of hose must be reasonable. In order to avoid improper use, resulting in accelerated aging of high-pressure rubber tubes, it should also be noted that the installation of Hydraulic Hose should be left with a certain amount of space, to avoid the use of high-pressure rubber tubes in the process of causing contact with objects.

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