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Characteristics of EPDM Rubber

By 10 April 2019
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Characteristics of EPDM Rubber
(1) Low density and high filling
Ethylene Propylene rubber is a rubber with a lower density, with a density of 0.87. Coupled with a large amount of oil filling and ternary ethylene propylene The addition of filler, thus reducing the cost of rubber products, to make up for the high price of ethylene propylene rubber raw rubber, and for the Gaumenni value of ethylene propylene rubber, high filling after the physical mechanical energy reduction is not significant.
(2) Aging resistance
Ethylene Propylene rubber has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat, acid and alkali resistance, water vapour, color stability, electrical properties, oil filling and normal temperature fluidity. Ethylene Propylene Rubber products can be used for a long time under 120 ℃ and can be used briefly or intermittently under 150-200 ℃. Adding suitable antiaging agent can increase the temperature of its use. Ternary ethylene propylene rubber crosslinked with peroxides can be used under harsh conditions. EPDM rubber in the ozone concentration of 50pphm, tensile 30% conditions, can reach more than 150h without cracking.
(3) Corrosion resistance
Because of the lack of polarity and low saturation of ethylene propylene rubber, it has good resistance to all kinds of polar chemicals such as alcohols, acids, alkalis, oxidants, refrigerants, detergents, animal and plant oils, ketones and lipids, but the stability of lipids and aromatic solvents (such as gasoline, benzene, etc.) and mineral oils is poor. Performance also decreases under the long-term action of concentrated acids. In ISO/TO 7620, nearly 400 corrosive gaseous and liquid chemicals were compiled to provide information on the properties of various rubber, and 1-4 levels were specified to indicate the extent of their action, and the effects of corrosive chemicals on rubber properties:
Grade Volume Swelling rate/%; Hardness reduction value; Impact on performance 
1                                    <10                              <10                          Minor or non
2                                     10-20                          <20                          Smaller
3                                     30-60                          <30                         Medium
4                                     >60                             >30                          Serious
(4) Resistant to water vapor performance
Ethylene Propylene rubber has excellent water vapor resistance and is better than its heat resistance. In 230 ℃ superheated steam, the appearance of EPDM near 100h has no change.
Fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine silicone rubber, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, natural rubber under the same conditions, experienced a short period of appearance of obvious deterioration of the phenomenon.
(5) Resistant to hot water performance Ethylene Propylene rubber has good resistance to hot water, but it is closely related to all vulcanization systems. After 15 months of soaking in 125 ℃ superheated water, the mechanical properties changed little and the volume expansion rate was only 0.3%, with TMTD rubber with two morphine sulfide and the vulcanization system.
(6) Electrical properties
Ethylene Propylene rubber has excellent electrical insulation properties and corona resistance, electrical performance is better than or close to butadiene rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, polyethylene and crosslinked polyethylene.
(7) Elasticity
Because of the cathode substitution base in the molecular structure of ethylene propylene rubber, the molecular cohesive energy is low, and the molecular chain can remain supple in a wide range, second only to natural discussion and butadiene rubber, and can still be maintained at low temperatures.
(8) Adhesion
Ethylene Propylene rubber due to the molecular structure of the lack of active groups, low cohesive energy, coupled with the glue easy to spray frost, self-stickiness and mutual stickiness is very poor.

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